Copy of What Happens during sound healing

Becoming the Blossoms

The days are getting longer, the song of the birds are beginning to fill the air. Tiny buds are starting to show the promise of spring, and the cold is beginning to release its hold on us. We are moving into fertile ground. What does that mean for you? Were you able to use the long winter nights to clarify what you want to create this year? Have you written out your goals and made your vision boards? If you Haven’t yet. Now is the time. The season of blossoms is upon us, and with this comes the time for action.

Review your vision board or goals for the year, and begin to ask what small steps you can take today to get closer to this goal? Like the tiny buds on the trees that become flowers and lush leaves, we create with the universe in “next steps,” sometimes small steps, but every moment creates beauty. What are your movements?

Remember… it’s getting time for spring cleaning….and that will undoubtedly come with some clearing of old, worn-out beliefs. Yep…I said it…Shadow work! I know!!! It isn’t fun!!! No one likes it! But, what if you take a new approach this time? What if you choose to see your shadow instead of pushing it away? What would happen if you embraced this part of you as one of your most loyal friends? I mean, really! Your shadow has kept you alive. You’re still here, breathing this breath.

We try to ignore these parts of us because we feel we have outgrown them. But, they also need our appreciation. So, when you’re cleaning your temple this spring. Give your shadow some gratitude for protecting you, keeping you safe, and being there when no one else was. Embrace this loyal friend and give them a new job. Integrate this part of you into the “you” that you are now. See the value of the work it has done. Let go of the beliefs, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Give it new value, and let this part of you help you move into the next version of yourself.

There is no part of you that doesn’t have value. And when we take an inclusive role in our inner world and embrace the diversity within, we can bloom into something so magnificent it leaves us in awe of the transformation. Just like the perfect spring day! Happy manifesting, integrating, and blooming! May the diversity that is you show you just a magnificent you are!

If you are ready to get clear on this I invite you to any of the events this month. I also have some exciting news about a new offering coming to out this spring! I will be offering Plant Song Therapy and a new Private Stringed Experience. These offerings have been in the works for a while! I am excited to share them with you!