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The Tradition of Easter Coloring Eggs

I would like to shine a light on a time-honored Celtic tradition practiced today in this newsletter.

Did you know that coloring eggs are part of manifesting for the spring equinox? During this time, a balance between day and night, the Celtic people believed this was also a time to celebrate potential, new birth, and manifesting. This was a time to honor the Divine Feminine. Therefore the perfect symbol for this time of celebration was the egg. As the egg represents new life, fertility, and potential.

Eggs were mindfully colored with intention as part of a spiritual practice. Each color represents a vibration for a specific request to the divine mother. These eggs were placed in the eastern section of the home to bring rise to these intentions with the rising sun and exchanged with loved ones as gifts of blessings.

The colors symbolize the vibrations of: 

Red — energy, passion, ambition, and forward movement. 

Pink — love, friendship, harmony, connection. 

Blue — divine flow, tranquility, peace, freedom. 

Lavender — spiritual understanding, awakening, and spiritual mastery. 

Yellow — effective communication and reaching our knowledge and inspiration. 

Brown –groundedness, practical and methodical movements, productivity, and work. 

Green — financial gain, health, wealth, growth. 

Celtic symbols were often engraved with wax before dying to add energy to the intention. Maybe our Celtic ancestors were silly for believing in magical eggs? But then again, perhaps they were way more connected to divine truth and the power of intention? We know now that thought creates. We have data to support that intention is just as powerful as action. We know that a simple shift in belief can help us grow or keep us stuck. Maybe we are the ones who are foolish to have stopped believing? 

I offer you an invitation this spring! I invite you to connect to your Celtic ancestors. If you’re coloring eggs this spring, I invite you to make it a mindful practice. If you are giving gifts this Easter I invite you to make them intensional. Give the gift a pure-hearted blessing to those you love. Connect to the magic of the season. Believe in magical eggs and make every tradition a spirit-centered place of service!