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Flower SuperMoon SoundBath

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The moon has a profound impact on many cycles on earth. Spiritually, it is said to represent the journey of the spirit and shows us, our light within. The moon gives full representation to times when our light is as full and bright as the full moon, and the moments when we feel our inner light is hidden or lost as it appears with the new moon. During an Eclipse, we are reminded that even when our light feels dimmed by outside circumstances, our light is always there, and when the obstacle is removed, we can come back in our full glory, big, beautiful, and strong like a Supermoon!

This Supermoon is coming to us at a time with the Sun (divine male) and moon (divine female) are in perfect union fertilizing all in the path bringing the earth into lush green glory and bursting with beautiful blossoms of pure potential! Symbolically this is an excellent time to work on our passions, health, friendships, abundance, affairs of the heart, and gives us the energy to need to move forward with optimism and stamina! Join us as we use the energy of the supermoon to give reverence to all that you desire to bring into bloom in your life.

This meditation is to prepare our minds to recieve clarity, and inspiration to create a lush inner world ready to burst into blossom. Benefits:
– Emotional Balance
– A Clear Mind with Increased Focus
– Feel Lighter in Your Body
– Deeper and Restful Sleep
– Stress Relief
– Harmony and Flow
– Deep Relaxation when other Meditation Techniques Fail

What to expect from a Healing Sound Bath Session: While lying down in a comfortable position on a cushion or yoga mat, Nicole will bring in soothing harmonic sounds and gentle vibrations to encourage your mind and body to release all thoughts and worries and fall into a state of meditation. While in this relaxed and aware state, the harmonic tones and vibrations will cleanse, recharge, and balance the mind, body, and spirit. Leave this sound bath feeling more relaxed, creative, and connected to your true heart-centered self. Energetically, emotionally and physically, you may feel lighter after a session with senses awakened. Any pain, tension, or anxiety felt before the session may be greatly reduced.No meditation experience is required. All you have to do during the session is just lay down, relax, and be open to receiving the sounds and vibrations. This is a unique experience for those in the North Canton area.

Nicole is a sound explorer, vibrational sound practitioner, neurolinguistics program (NLP) practitioner, and lifetime student of metaphysical and esoteric philosophy. She has studied with many industry leaders in sound, ancient philosophy, metaphysical and spiritual practices through mystery schools, immersive and intensive workshops. Though her early study was self-motivated to find meaning in her own trauma and loss, she now shares methods and teachings she has learned about self-discovery, inner exploration, pathways to unlocking your inner wisdom, intuition, and learning to trust your own inner whisper which is always present to guide you on your path to freedom, adventure, and exploration.

How to prepare:
– Dress in layers so you are able to adjust your body temperature
– Eat a full meal 2 hours before or a light snack if closer to the workshop start time
– Many like to bring Crystals and a bottle of drinking water to be cleared and amplified by the powerful tones produced by the gongs and bowls
– bring your own Yoga mats, bolsters, eye coverings, and blankets.
– Bring a Journal and any additional items you need to feel comfortable in the space

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2021-05-26 @ 06:30 PM to
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