Sound, Soul & Psychic Intuition Workshop Enrollment Now Open

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Sound, Soul & Psychic Intuition Workshop Enrollment Now Open

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Do you identify as an empath? Do you walk into a room and notice when it feels “off” or “out of balance?” Do you have dreams that come true, and experience déjà vuu? Have you been interested in developing your own psychic abilities but weren’t sure how to do it? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then definitely check out this workshop below!

This workshop is a 2-hour event designed to help you identify the way you receive spirit messages, become attuned to the guided messages you are receiving, and begin practicing your skills! Children navigate the world of subtle energy, vibration, feelings way before they understand how to use language. It is heart-based, supportive and the very first resource for decision-making. When we are connected to spirit with a child-like faith we remove ego and learn to surrender to the messages of our soul, guiding us towards wholeness, happiness, and ease.

Join Willow Grace Mystik and Soulful Sounds for an afternoon devoted to discovering the sound of your soul. In this workshop, we will be gathered in a circle with like-minded beings to explore our own inner wisdom (intuition). To aid us on this explorative journey of the inner world, we will use instruments of sacred geometry, singing bowls, chimes, and gongs to move out of the mind and into the heart of a child, create a space for stillness, embrace silence, discover, and deeply listen to the voice of spirit within. We will learn what senses our intuition use to deliver messages, and practice expressing this intuition in a safe, nurturing, and sacred space. This workshop is highly reviewed and deeply inspiring. Bring what you need to be comfortable sitting on the floor for long periods of time, your curiosity, and your imagination! We will bring the rest!

Nicole Schoeppner is a sound explorer, vibrational sound practitioner, neurolinguistics program (NLP) practitioner, and lifetime student of metaphysical and esoteric philosophy. She has studied with many industry leaders in sound, ancient philosophy, metaphysical and spiritual practices through mystery schools, immersive and intensive workshops. Though her early study was self-motivated to find meaning in her own trauma and loss, she now shares methods and teachings she has learned about self-discovery, inner exploration, pathways to unlocking your inner wisdom, intuition, and learning to trust your own inner whisper which is always present to guide you on your path to freedom, adventure, and exploration.

Patricia Tate~Willow Grace Mystik is a certified Reiki Master teacher, seasoned Tarot and Astrology consultant, and spiritual guide, offering her wisdom to those ready to embrace and enrich their own spiritual gifts. She offers spiritual immersion and self-development workshops nationally in places like Lily Dale Assembly NY, and globally through interactive online workshops. Her life’s work and deepest passion is empowering others with knowledge and skills to step into their own magical wisdom and become an active co-creator by using the divine energies to support spiritual growth

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2022-02-19 @ 02:00 PM to
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