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How to Make a New Year’s Resolution that Works.

If you have read the last newsletter, you may recall I shared winter is the season to “go within.” This season is perfect for reflecting and taking inventory of where you are and where you’re going.  

During the winter, the ground is typically frozen; it doesn’t receive new “seeds of information” and holds the seeds from the fruits of fall in shallow surface spaces until the soil is soft and ready to receive. When we observe the natural cycles, we can understand how nature creates a lush and beautiful summer. The recipe for abundance is right in front of us, and we can use the guidance of mother nature to manifest our own abundance. 

This year, when you create your new year resolutions, use the teachings of the Divine Mother to gain clarity. Hold space for this vision, and most importantly, be precise on where you are growing while remaining open on how you get there. Here are 6 simple steps mother nature teaches us to create the life we desire. 

1. Celebrate Your Wins

Before you plant the seeds of abundance, reflect on what worked for you this year. What did you achieve? What worked well for you? Count every win, no matter how small…IT COUNTS! CELEBRATE! The Colors of spring beam with celebration; the rainbow celebrates both the rain and the sun. The early vegetables celebrate the blooms of spring. Shining and showing your colors isn’t boastful; it’s beautiful! During this period of reflection (before any new goals are outlined,) write out a list of everything that went well. Start with the obvious. Did you nourish your body? Did you take care of your future self by paying your bills? Did you give yourself time by enjoying a day at the park? Did you exercise…even a few times? …yep…even that is a win! It is something to build on. Don’t judge what you DIDN’T DO! Where did you win?? 

2. See What You’re Moving Towards

Have you ever seen a tree growing up the side of a cliff? The tree isn’t focused on the rocks; it plants its roots in any crevice and keeps reaching towards the sun! Resolutions are often broken because the focus is on the rocks (aka belief), not the sun (aka the goal)! For example: “I want to Loose 25 pounds before spring.” This is almost a guaranteed fail! Let’s begin with “the rocks.” As soon as you tell yourself you need to lose 25 pounds…your mind is already in “the why.” And, the mind isn’t kind…it’s is likely the answer to this “why” is because there is a negative belief (the rock) attached to it. “I am fat,” “I don’t look as good as other women,” “I am ugly,” whatever the negative belief there is no goal-line (sun)….there is only a thing you need to escape. If you’re looking behind you, you will trip, and when you do, that dirty little belief you’re holding onto gets out in front of you. The winning runner doesn’t focus on who is behind her, she is focused on the goal line (the sun), and everything else fades into the background. She wins…and she celbrates! 

3. Know Your Why

Your why is your compass. It will lead you to your north, or it can make the whole thing go south. Be clear on every “why” to your resolution. Do you want to lose weight, or do you want to be healthy? Do you want to quit your job, or do you want to find a supportive work environment where your talents are recognized and appreciated? Do you have more money, or do you want financial freedom? Do you want to stop attracting narcist, or do you want loving, supportive, and joyful relationships with like-minded people? The why of nature is to expand, grow, and populate. Nature itself is the perfect example of abundance. When your “why” is going to grow you as a person and as a soul, you already have the laws of nature on your side! Get clear on your “why,” and let your “why” become your purpose! 

4. Create Action, Not Expectations 

If you are clear on where you want to go and why you want to get there. Then, the actions will almost take care of themselves. The tree on the cliff just wanted to reach the sun. Yes, it would have been easier if it was sitting on top of lush soil. Instead, the seed fell on rocks, but it still found a way to flow with the cracks, find a place for its roots to dig in, and then kept on reaching towards the sun. 

If you want to be healthy, the action steps will be one meal at a time, maybe replacing a meal, a beverage, or even an item. If you want to work financial freedom, perhaps you begin with education or collecting your change, reviewing your expenses, and making decisions that align with your goal. Still, ensure you are action-focused rather than expecting perfection. I eat healthily…but if I have the cookie, I don’t have the bag. I enjoyed the cookie because I wanted it. I eat mindfully and enjoy each bite. And then, I see the goal to live healthily and give my supportive body nutrients. Then, I celebrate my choice to love and nurture my body! Every action toward my goal is celebrated. There is no expectation of perfection! I maintain my focus on what I want, then celebrate each action, and when I make a mistake, I simply adjust and find a new groove and keep moving towards the sun (goal)! 

5. Focus Does Not Mean Fixed –Stay Open

There are many ways to get to the same destination. Focus is key. Still, you need to be able to pivot when needed…Life certainly has a way of happening when we are making other plans. The unexpected isn’t a block; it’s a pivot. Much like the running water, when it hits an obstacle, it simply flows around it….yes…sometimes that causes some turbulence, but downstream the water is smooth again! The obstacle isn’t the end; it is simply a pivot point. The water may get rough for a second, but it always finds its way back to calm. So can we pivot when we need to, float when the water gets turbulent, and use our energy to gain momentum when the water is smooth. 

6. Use the Energy of the Cosmos to Support You! 

Just like the plants use the sun’s nutrients and the ocean tides adust with the moon’s energy, we can also look to the cosmos for guidance and support. The moon’s cycles change the tides, and with that, the weather. Yet, it also shares the best time of planting and the best time for weeding. When you create a goal, you create energy with it. That energy has cycles. Times when it will shine, times when there will appear to be obstructions, and times when the energy is full and bright. The moon doesn’t give up when its light seems to be blocked by another object…It grows again! Let these cycles, energies, and seasons help you nature your new manifestation and breathe life into it that allows it to flourish. Remember that nothing happens without patience, not even in nature. Give yourself patience. Keep moving with the tides, and gain momentum when the energy supports it. 

I wish you a very fruitful 2022! May you grow with the seasons and keep reaching for the sun!