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What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

What is the Lions Gate Portal?

Though it is celebrated on 8/8, it is still debated on if it is a yearly event, and when that event is, some say it is the full moon in July, and it only occurs every few years, others say it happens “on the clock” on 8/8. I am not an Astrologer, but I do respect the tradition and Energy of this idea.

How Can We Work with This Energy?

No matter who is “right” or who isn’t, this time of observation is still energy we can use in our favor. How? Meditate and clear your mind of all thoughts except what you want to manifest. Focus on that thing, or person/thing/event, for a few minutes every day until it manifests in the physical world around you.

Visualize what you want to appear in your life and ask for help from the universe (or whichever deity or higher power is important to you) so that it appears in full color, detail, and dimension before your eyes! Then express gratitude for each step along the way toward manifestation—even if they’re not exactly as expected yet! And lastly, Believe!

Believe that anything this possible. Believe that the universe has your back. Believe that you deserve and have every right to what it is you want to see in your world and believe it will show up. Then, allow the evidence of it to show up for you!

How to Tell If You’re Experiencing Lions Gate Portal Energy?

If these signs sound familiar, don’t worry! There’s no need to panic—this is just one way that spirit guides use our subconscious minds as gateways into our conscious lives so they can communicate with us directly instead of relying on other means such as channeling through others or sending us signs through synchronicity (the law of attraction).

If you’re experiencing the Lion’s Gate Portal energy, a few signs will help you identify it. The first is to pay attention to your dreams. It’s not unusual for people who are waking up to the new reality of this period to dream about a person or event that reminds them of someone or something in their life. This could be anything from seeing an old friend who has passed on in your dream and then telling someone about it later during the day to dreaming about a new career path and realizing at work that you would like to try something different than what you’re currently doing.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Lions Gate Portal, but we do know that it is an exciting time to be alive. We hope you have enjoyed learning about this phenomenon and how it can affect your life, both now and in the future.