Soulful Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy

Soulful Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy

Private and Group Sound Healing Sessions
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Reduce stress and anxiety, and feel more relaxed focused, and restored.

          Walk-in heavy, leave floating

Why Sound Therapy?

 Sound therapy uses harmonic sounds to realign, restore, and retune the body.

Reduce Stress

Relieve stress-related pain.
Release Muscle tension.
Reduce anxiety.

Improve Overall Health

Deeper, more restful sleep.
Lower blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing rates.

Tap Your Divine Wisdom

Increase clarity and efficiency.
Improve solution based thinking.
Improve emotional response.


Looking for someone else? 

Private Couples sound bath

Private Couples Sound Bath

High and low frequencies from the gongs and bowls work together to create a new container where the chattering mind can be still. A soundscape of intentional vibration helps elevate the listener out of their everyday mindset. Group sound bath offers an opportunity for your friends, co-workers, bridal party, or family to destress, retune and realign.

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Energy Balancing Session

An energy balancing session is a 60-minute, hands-free, fully dressed personal sound treatment that helps bring the mind, body, and spirit back to center. The harmonics and high vibrations of the resonate metals allow the mind to slow down, the breath to restore itself, and the body to let go of tension. Most of the participants begin to relax within a few minutes and begin the process of releasing tension.

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Singing Bowl Sound Treatment

90-minute Ancestral Release

This session is designed for the person just beginning the “meditation journey” and finds it more challenging to relax and clear the mind. It is named Ancestral Clearing because this extended session helps break the negative chatter we hear in our minds. More often, the negative chatter is passed on throughout generations and can require more time to move out of the “thinking mind” into a relaxed state.  

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Group Sound Baths

This 60-minute Group Sound Bath are for groups of 3 or more. Your group will be showered with the harmonic sounds of gongs, chimes, singing bowls, and other gentle sounds while lying on soft and paddded floor cushions. Time is given at the end to enjoy the experience and just BE.

Get a gift card that ships to you in a few days or use the link above for an E-Card Now. Private groups are $45 per person. E-cards allow you the option to custom order for your group size. 

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Hi! I am Nicole, Owner of Soulful Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy, sound explorer, vibrational sound practitioner, neurolinguistics program (NLP) practitioner, and lifetime student of metaphysical and esoteric philosophy.Hi

I have studied with many industry leaders in sound, ancient philosophy, metaphysical and spiritual practices through mystery schools, immersive and intensive workshops. Though My early study was self-motivated to find meaning in my own trauma and loss, I now share methods and teachings I have learned about self-discovery, inner exploration, pathways to unlocking your inner wisdom, intuition, and learning to trust your own small, still voice which is always present to guide you on your path to freedom, adventure, and exploration.   

I have a vision in guide you to connect to and express your divine nature. I use guided sound meditations and 1-1 sound treatments to guide you to connection to your inner world and inner wisdom. I believe It is through the exploration of the inner world that you can free yourself of unwanted, self-destructive, and limited perspectives and connect to inspiration. 

Come in feeling stressed, leave feeling relaxed. Come in feeling confused, leave with clarity. Come in feeling disconnected, leave feeling “on track”. Walk in searching for a “better way”, and I will guide you on a journey to everyday miracles! 

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