Vibrational Sound Therapy

Reduce stress and anxiety, and feel more relaxed focused, and restored.

Walk-in heavy, and leave floating on air. 

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Offering private and group sound therapy sessions using singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other resonate metals to quiet the mind, release tension in the body and connect to spirit within. 

Why Sound Therapy?

 Sound therapy uses sacred sound to realign, restore, and retune the body.



Singing Bowl and roses Soulful Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy

Group Sound Sessions &
Couples Sessions

High and low frequencies from the gongs and bowls work together to create a new container where the chattering mind can be still. A soundscape of intentional vibration helps elevate the listener out of their everyday mindset. Group sound bath offers an opportunity for your friends, co-workers, bridal party, or family to destress, retune and realign.

Private Group session fees vary with the number of participants and begin at $45 per person and decrease as the size of the group expands

Singing Bowl Sound Treatment

Energy Balancing Session

An out-of-tune body begins to experience a variety of stress symptoms, including anxiety, insomnia, allergies, food sensitivities, or physical and emotional pain. Sound therapy uses sacred sound to realign, restore, and retune the body.

Energy Balancing Sessions are personal 60-minute hands-free, fully dressed sessions. 

Investment $65 per session 

Sound Healing

Ancestral Release Session

Restore your body at the cellular level. Cells hold memory, and from a single cell, the memories are contained to create an entire being. The same is true for habits and behaviors. Use this session to begin releasing memories that no longer serve you

Ancestral Release Sessions are personal 90-minute hands-free, fully dressed sessions. 

Investment $90 per session 

About me

Hi, I'm Nicole, Certified Sound Practioner

I have studied multiple theologies on sound with many teachers, and invest many hours to deepen my knowledge of sound, its effects on the mind and body, to offer the best experience to my customers.  I invite you to join me on the table or the mat and explore how easy it is for sound to bring you into presence, and connect you to the beautiful and wise spirit awaiting you! 

What my clients say

Had my first vibrational sound therapy session with Nicole today. I had heard her play before and loved the sounds, but I was blown away by the impact of the bowls when in my energy field. Nicole's expert and intuitive use of singing bowls and other instruments made for an extremely relaxing, healing, and uplifting experience. Everyone should try this!
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Barb C
Private Sound Session
I had such a treat w/ my Vibrational Sound Therapy session w/ Nicole Schoeppner Saturday. Such an interesting therapy, feeling like a lot of stuck energy moving now, feeling more creative, happy, and like it was no accident that I received this now. Highly recommend Nicole and her caring healing spirit and singing bowl work.😊👍🌈
Sound Healing Reviews
Terry W
Private Sound Session
I had my first Sound Bath today and I have to say it was absolutely incredible! The best way I can describe it is that this beautiful intuitive soul creates a song for you that is so healing, nurturing, and inspiring. I opened myself up today and accepted my vulnerability (which is not a normal thing for me to do) and I must say I’m so glad I did. I feel amazing, loved, and spiritually better off.
Group sound bath review
Group Sound Bath
Sound Therapy Canton Ohio

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