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Introducing Monochord Therapy

 Monochord instruments were developed by Ingo Böhme. They are the result of 30 years of experimenting with sound, working with therapists of all kinds, and expressing the vision that sound can be rediscovered as an intuitive power that supports our general well-being, our health, and our healing processes.

The monochord consist of 34 strings. 24 overtone strings tuned to the same note create a drone effect that opens the mind to create phantom layers of sound. The instrument also has 5 -bass strings and 5- fifth strings.  The fifth is a very pleasing and harmonizing interval, which introduces calmness to the enlivening stimulations of “the drone.” 

The session will be booked for 60-minute time slots. During these 60-minutes we have an opening discussion, you will lay on a massage table and the instrument will be placed directly on the body. I will play for 30 minutes. I will give space for silence, reflection, and aid in grounding you. 

During the 30 minutes of “play,” the overtones create a sense of chaos. The chaos causes stimulation of information and has been reported by participants as “downloads of information” “Like watching a continuous stream of movie clips.” Many participants reported revisiting past lives, while others plotted out in detail the next moves on projects they are working on. Unlike the techniques I use with the bowls that bring us into deep relaxation, this session often brings with it waves of new thoughts, imagery, and information. I would not recommend this to a newcomer to energy work. 

This session is very stimulating and will require you to have a strong ability to ground yourself once the session is complete. I will only offer 6 of these sessions per month once they are open. This session would be the best fit for energy practitioners experienced in their modality, people experienced in meditation, and those who know and use grounding techniques. 

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  1. Michael Durbin

    Curious about this new technique but I feel like I need to explain why I’m reaching out…tell you a bit of what I’m dealing with. 🤷

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