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What Happens During a Sound Session or Treatment?

Sound Therapy Session

What Happens to the Physical Body During a Sound Therapy Session?

Each vibrational sound session and person is unique. Each person’s experience will be different and may vary significantly from each session. I will share common feedback from customers to give you an idea of what you may expect. 

Within the first few minutes, the breath and heartbeat begin to slow and regulate, blood pressure lowers, and the mind lets go of thoughts. Sometimes muscles will flinch as the body lets go of stored tension, and you begin to drift into the state between sleep and wakefulness. At the session’s midpoint, many begin to snore as they fall deeper into the state of sleep, yet many share they maintain an awareness of what is happening in the room.

Sometimes tears are released through joy and letting go of tension we have held onto. Coughing and laughter are also common occurrences during the releasing process. This is a safe and sacred space to let go of stress and tension. You are supported through any releases that may occur. Some customers report feeling euphoric and lightheaded during the session again. This is a normal part of the practice as you slip into the brain state of “theta” as hormones can be released that give you a sense of bliss. Pain can begin to lessen as the muscles release stored energy, and you may feel a sensation of warmness or tingling as the blood vessels open due to released muscle tension.  

Sound Therapy Session

What happens with the Emotional Body During a Sound Therapy Session? 

Have you ever felt out of control of your anger? have you said something or done something during this time of anger you wish you could take back? Meditation practices like sound therapy have helped many people feel more in control of emotional responses, the more we practice, the more we can let go of our need to react in the moment.

Some thought leaders believe that we store our emotions inside our bodies, and the subconscious speaks to us through the use of emotions. When information is received from our senses, our subconscious processes that information and looks for similarities with the information against “old” information. Suppose the information you were receiving through the senses is similar to a past experience that did not feel safe. In that case, these messages are communicated to you through your emotions to activate your fight or flight response to help you stay safe. And often, we react to the feelings we’re receiving from our subconscious without questioning if these emotions are true in the moment. And sometimes, we react before consciously deciding the response is warranted. Meditation helps us stay connected to the present moment and opens the door for us to be more mindful and intentional with our reactions and responses to outside triggers.

You can experience it for yourself when you’re triggered by loud sounds. Many people often become angry when the information in the room becomes overwhelming. We want this information to stop immediately, and may react to the sound with agitation and aggression. This is because the memory of the sound triggers the sympathetic nervous system, and we feel as if we are in danger.

During the meditation, when uncomfortable emotions surface, we are given the opportunity to observe them without attachment. And through this observation, we can often discover the cause of these emotions and create new meanings. And though I cannot promise you will ever let go of your triggers to loud sounds (or whatever your trigger is), you can become more in control of your response with practiced meditation as part of your holistic regimen.

 This is true with every thought or emotion, and the root practice of meditation….to allow you to observe your thoughts and emotions rather than reacting without feeling in control. The sessions allow us to review our thoughts and emotions, make new choices and definitions, and create new reference points. These new reference points give the subconscious a new “container” to place memory and can relieve the need to react to information from a space of reacting and move into observing and releasing. Many customers have reported feeling way more in control of their lives, thoughts, emotions, and choices by simply beginning a meditation practice and using sound to connect to stillness. But please remember, like all spiritual and self-care is a practice, and “practice makes better”.

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What Happens to the Spiritual Body During a Sound Therapy Session? 

Sounds have a fantastic way of removing what isn’t needed in the space and help us bring in what is needed. And oftentimes, what’s needed is a space of connection to our spirit, our creativity, connection to inspiration, to the bigger picture, to a wider lens, and connection for healing.

During these sessions, we are given the opportunity to let go of the chatter inside of the monkey mind. When we let go of the chatter of what we should have done yesterday and what we will do tomorrow, we open ourselves up to a state of presence. When we connect the ” now ” moment, we can explore what is in that space of “now”. It is in the space of now, we are able to reach a connection to our “inner wisdom” or “divine state” of stillness. When we access our divine wisdom, we draw from the divine perspective and see our experiences as part of our soul’s journey. We can empower ourselves to receive the lesson and let go of attachment.

Many of my customers have shared profound insights, euphonies, and visions inside this connected space. They share a deeper understanding of their sense of purpose, restructure what has value in their lives, and receive clarity for the future they want to create. I do not promise a “one and done” fix, but life takes on new meaning, purpose, and direction through a holistic approach and consistent practice. This transformation is not because of what I offer you but how you connect to your true self and receive its wisdom. If you’re interested in booking a session, you can do that here.

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