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The History of Sound Healing

Sound Healing Before Christ  Sound Healing before Christ has a rich history that dates back to the beginning of creation. The roots of sound healing are found in many cultures, but they all share at least one thing: the belief that sound is the creation of energy, and because of this, it holds healing powers. […]


What is the Lions Gate Portal? Though it is celebrated on 8/8, it is still debated on if it is a yearly event, and when that event is, some say it is the full moon in July, and it only occurs every few years, others say it happens “on the clock” on 8/8. I am […]

The Tradition of Easter Coloring Eggs

Did you know that coloring eggs are part of manifesting for the spring equinox? During this time, a balance between day and night, the Celtic people believed this was also a time to celebrate potential, new birth, and manifesting. This was a time to honor the Divine Feminine. Therefore the perfect symbol for this time of celebration was the egg. As the egg represents new life, fertility, and potential.

Becoming the Blossoms

Remember… it’s getting time for spring cleaning….and that will undoubtedly come with some clearing of old, worn-out beliefs. Yep…I said it…Shadow work! I know!!! It isn’t fun!!! No one likes it! But, what if you take a new approach this time? What if you choose to see your shadow instead of pushing it away? What would happen if you embraced this part of you as one of your most loyal friends?

What Happens During a Sound Session or Treatment?

Each vibrational sound session and person is unique. Each person’s experience will be different and may vary significantly from each session. I will share common feedback from customers to give you an idea of what you may expect. 

Within the first few minutes, the breath and heartbeat begin to slow and regulate, blood pressure lowers, and the mind lets go of thoughts. Sometimes muscles will flinch as the body lets go of stored tension, and you begin to drift into the state between sleep and wakefulness. At the session’s midpoint, many begin to snore as they fall deeper into the state of sleep, yet many share they maintain an awareness of what is happening in the room.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound is the language of the soul. As with any art, you can describe with language, what you can share with emotion, and still, there is an element that cannot be expressed. Think about your favorite piece of music. How does it move you? Can you share the essence of the song with others? Can you put into words how the song moves into a deeper space in which you feel or experience it? The same is true with all art, you can share techniques, inspirations, emotions of art, yet art is very personal.

Using Numbers to Help you Manifest

Often times the messages we receive are through coincidences. These coincidences are also called synchronicity. Synchronicity can show up in so many ways. It can be a thought that you just had repeated in a conversation with another. It could be a phone call from someone he was just thinking about. And, It can be repeating numbers.