What Happens during sound healing 3

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Meditation at the end of this video! Feel free to skip to that if you’re not invested in the explanation.

Why Try Sound Therapy? Sound is the language of the soul. As with any art, you can describe with language, what you can share with emotion, and still, there is an element that cannot be expressed. Think about your favorite piece of music. How does it move you? Can you share the essence of the song with others? Can you put into words how the song moves into a deeper space in which you feel or experience it? The same is true with all art, you can share techniques, inspirations, emotions of art, yet art is very personal.

Unique to each person, art shares with us a reflection of us yet somehow captivates us in a way that language cannot describe. This disclaimer is out of the way; I will do my best to put this magic into words. Yet, the only way to really understand it…is to experience it. 

However, for this question, I will do my best to give you a glimpse of the vastness of the subject. Sound therapy is the use of harmonic tones on and around the body to create a dreamy, almost mystical experience. The tones used during a sound therapy session mimic white noise you would find in nature like a babbling brook, wind through the trees, or a gentle rain creating layers of sound that create space for deep, restorative relaxation.

Elements of “surprise” are introduced in between the harmonic layers to awaken new awareness, insights, and allow the participants the ability to observe thoughts and emotions as an observer, unattached to memory. These deep states of relaxation combined with the ability to observe yourself, create a euphoric, blissful, and oftentimes mystical experience. This bliss state gives us a feeling of floating and allows us the ability to open up the receiving mind into deeper states of awareness, connection, and revelations. 

Why Try Sound Therapy? 

  • Feeling a lack of focus 
  • Difficulty sleeping or feeling rested after sleeping
  • Trouble shutting off the thoughts at night 
  • Experiencing pain and stiffness in muscles 
  • Want to receive the benefits of a mindful practice but mindfulness practices challenging 
  • Feeling unengaged or dissatisfied with your current life path 
  • Feel disconnected from yourself and others 
  • Trouble defining goals 
  • Heartache 
  • Difficulty trusting yourself or others 

What to expect during a sound therapy session? 

During a private sound treatment, metal singing bowls are placed and played on and around the body, The overtones bring the mind to calm space while the vibrations of the resonated metals travel through the muscles. The Vibrations help the muscles to release tension while the overtones help lower the blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. As the muscles relax the arteries expand causing blood flow to increase, giving a warm sensation in the body. The overtones from the different singing bowls create binaural beats with help move the brain into a slower state of theta waves. 

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